India has vast mines of music and dance talents, some explored and already in the limelight but much of it is still unexplored, waiting to be discovered and applauded by the world.

As an artist, when you are just starting up the ladder, your eyes are full of hopes and dreams about the path to the top. But with no proper platform and mentoring, more often than not you end up spending your valuable time doing everything except rehearsing, performing and learning.

Now imagine a platform that helps you to create your best, and then some more. Guides you towards success and bridges the gap between you and millions of music lovers waiting to discover new talent.

That, is our artistry, and that's what we are calling this platform.

Artistry is an initiative to portray and promote upcoming artists like you on a national, and even international scale by simplifying the pathway from here to glory.

What Artistry offers..?

  • Recording
    • High definition video recording of the performance (60 minutes)
    • with Multi camera set up
    • and Professional sound recordings
    • on Spectacular Sets
  • The performance will be aired on Insync Channel.
  • It will also be showcased on Insync's digital platform.
  • Audio Album of your performance / Video in case of dance.

As an Artist You Will...

  • Own a high quality video recording of your performance at a subsidised cost.
  • Reach out to 25 million households through telecast on Insync channel.
  • Be seen by connoisseurs of music & dance across the world through Insync’s digital platform.
  • Earn a share in revenue from our digital platform based on views and other criterion.
  • Be featured on Reliance Jio platform with a reach to wider audiences of 50 million house hold
  • Purchase the audio album at subsidized prices.
Aadishakti now collaborates with Insync under the project Artistry to maximize the popularity and commercial prospects of an artist.
For further details call on +917715996000 or mail on